How to sell

Our advice for online sellers

While we take steps to ensure our buyers are genuine, scams are always a factor when selling online. Make sure you look for the tell-tale warning signs and contact us should anything seem suspicious with a buyer.

We aim to make our services as secure as possible when using our site. Below are our top tips for staying safe when selling online:

Ensure you receive the required payment for your goods

Make sure not to dispatch your goods until you recieve payment. Be mindful of emails containing fake payment details or confirmations – always double check the funds have been properly transferred. For secure payment methods such as PayPal, wait for funds to clear and for your balance to update before proceeding.

Take care when meeting with buyers face-to-face

For cash-in-hand transactions or collections, meeting your buyer face-to-face is inevitable. We recommend keeping these kinds of meetings local, in well-lit public places with plenty of people around. Where possible, it is also worth taking someone along with you for added security.

Stick to the agreed terms of the sale

You should make sure you receive the correct amount of cash in hand before handing over the item. We strongly recommend avoiding partial payment and, if the method of payment presented changes from what was agreed, walk away from the transaction. Vigilance is vital – make sure you follow strict and previously agreed steps.

Type Of Ad’s

  • The Submit Ad’s are FREE. (These ads are in the categories listings )
  • The Ad has 14 days from submission (can be renewed for further 14 days )

    Featured Ad’s

  • A £5 one off payment to have your ad featured on the home page
  • If it is a business ad a £14 one off payment (equivalent to a £1 a day)
  • The Ad has 14 days from submission ( can be renewed for further 14 days )

    Benefits of Featured Ad’s

  • Most people visiting the website take in the home page.
  • Better chance of selling your item or promoting your business
  • More prominent.
  • Low cost
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