How to buy

Our tips for buying with confidence

Buying online can be a simple and stress-free process as long as you use your judgement and plan things carefully. If you are suspicious of a seller, get in touch before proceeding so we can investigate further.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure a smooth transaction:

Always have a good look before you buy

Pictures and descriptions can tell you a lot, but for larger transactions we recommend meeting with the seller to view the item before committing to the purchase. This way, you can proceed with complete confidence, and avoid the headache of returning the item to the seller as in many cases this will not be possible.

Be safe when meeting sellers face-to-face

For cash-in-hand transactions or collections, meeting your seller face-to-face is inevitable. We recommend keeping these kinds of meetings local, in well-lit public places with plenty of people around. Where possible, it is also worth taking someone along with you for added security.

Make sure you don’t flash your cash

Make sure not to carry too much cash on your person during the transaction process. For any purchases over £50, we recommend viewing the item first then, once you are happy to proceed, go to retrieve the money with the seller, or arrange a time and safe location to meet with the money.

How to sell