Posted October 17, 2020 at 6:02 pm by ketobodytone

Keto Bodytone review: our detailed opinion and that of the users

In this article we present to you Keto Bodytone a slimming capsule to accompany you in your slimming diet. This fat burner is for people who want to follow a low carb ketogenic diet. We explain to you in more detail in this review on Keto Bodytone how this type of diet works, the exact role of Keto Bodytone, its composition as well as its contraindications. We will also detail latest price and review to buy it, and we will come back to user reviews.

What is Keto Bodytone?

Keto Bodytone is a dietary supplement to help you lose weight. It helps your body adjust to the ketogenic diet , which is a zero carbohydrate diet. We explain how Keto Bodytone works in more detail.

What is ketosis?

In order to function, your body needs energy. This is synthesized as ATP, this is called metabolism. Usually, your body will use the carbohydrates you eat to convert them into glucose. The body will then use this molecule to synthesize energy through the mechanism of glycolysis.

In this situation, the ingested lipids are then stored by your body in the form of fat cells. Ketosis is when the body uses not carbohydrates for energy, but fat. Concretely, your metabolism burns fat. This change will be reflected in two ways.

Keto Bodytone will promote ketosis and help your body adjust to it
Keto Bodytone is a dietary supplement that will provide you with exogenous ketones so that your body can work faster in a state of ketosis.

You will therefore have to adapt your diet by drastically reducing your carbohydrate intake and compensating with a fat intake. Keto Bodytone, will promote the establishment of the state of ketosis through its composition containing ketone bodies (acetone, BHB and acetylacetate).

However, as explained earlier, your body is not used to functioning without carbohydrates. So, during the first few weeks of the ketogenic diet, your body will try to alert you to the problem before it starts using its rescue mechanism.

During this transition phase, you may experience side effects such as:

A feeling of hunger, induced by the lack of carbohydrates.
The energy drop.
Concentration problems.
Sometimes digestive problems.